SORETEX was created by Daniel BUREL in 1979. In the middle of the 1990s, it’s his son Laurent who has taken over the firm. It’s a real family business. Strongly experienced since 1979, the company is specialized in the recycling and the valorization of plastic and textile wastes such as cotton, cotton wastes, wool, linen, hydrophilic cotton, jute, sisal, viscose, hemp, polyester and other synthetic fibers… After the recovery of your new industry’s wastes, those will be reincorporated in different industrial processes : non-woven industry, cosmetology, thermic insulation, industrial wipping, stationery…  We bring, day after day, a special care about the quality of our production. Our goal is our customer’s satisfaction. Helping to give once again an use to all these fibers limit wastes. This process enters in a natural process of circular economy. We are strongly attached to touch markets and new applications.

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